Certification Renewal Deadline is Approaching

Years ago you became CNA certified.
You prepped for a rigorous exam.

You advanced in your speciality and worked hard to maintain your valuable national credential.

Your CNA certification means you are:
  • Recognized nationally for your practice excellence
  • Valued by many employers, because your certification demonstrates specialized knowledge
  • Recognized for your clear commitment to lifelong learning
  • Viewed as having enhanced professional credibility by showing you Care to Be the Best!

Do not let all your efforts go to waste.

The deadline to renew by rewriting the certification exam has now passed.
You may still renew by submitting your 100 hours of continuous learning (CL)  activities by NOVEMBER 30th, 2017.

Please note:
If you have already renewed your certification, thank you and please disregard this message. If you do not renew your certification, your credential will remain valid until December 31, 2017; after this date, your certification will lapse and you will not be permitted to use the nursing designation initials after your name in your practice.

Inactive status option: If you are unable to renew in 2017 due to personal or professional reasons, you may choose to apply for inactive status. This provides you with an additional three-year period to meet the renewal requirements. You cannot use your credential until your certification is reactivated.
As one of Canada’s 17,000 CNA-certified nurses, we applaud your leadership and your demonstrated commitment to your profession. You clearly appreciate the value of certification and understand its advantages for your team’s ability to provide better care to your patients. We look forward to working with you on continuing your CNA certification.
If you have any questions please contact certification@cna-aiic.ca or call 1-800-361-8404.