About Us


CAMSN is an associate member of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).

CAMSN is unique in that it was established based on a recommendation from the 2006 Medical and Surgical Nursing conference in Saskatoon at the CNA Biennial Conference. The nurses at this conference recommended the formation of a national nursing group charged with the task of creating a national certification program. Medical and surgical nurses form the largest single group of nursing professionals in health care and through CAMSN, will have an avenue for national recognition of excellence and competence in practice.


The voice of medical and surgical nurses in Canada.


Medical and Surgical nurses provide nursing care to adults experiencing complex variations in health.  They utilize diverse clinical knowledge and skills to care for multiple acutely ill adults and their families.  They are leaders at organizing, prioritizing and coordinating care as well as working with interdisciplinary teams. The practice of medical-surgical nursing requires application of evidence based knowledge and best practice standards to provide quality, safe and ethical care to clients across the continuum of care. The Canadian Association of Medical and Surgical nurses advocates, supports and promotes the integral role of medical and surgical nurses to the health care system.