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Common Nursing Negligence Issues in Canada

The Canadian Association of Medical and Surgical Nurses is pleased to be partnering up with Connect Medical Legal Experts to provide CAMSN members with access to all four articles in a series exploring the most common nursing negligence issues in Canada. These articles can also be found under the Education Corner tab.

1 – Miscommunication the Leading Cause of Malpractice Lawsuits Against Nurses
2 – Legal Issues in Nursing; Assessment
3 – Legal Issues in Nursing; Medication Errors
*The fourth article will be posted at the end of February. 

Chris Rokosh is a popular speaker on medical legal issues in nursing across Canada and the U.S. She is an RN and founder of Connect Medical Legal Experts, a Calgary-based leader in Expert Witness Services, with a database of hundreds of medical, nursing and cost of future care experts across the country.

Chris Rokosh has recently published a book titled, “Shift. Change. Empowering Nurses with Medical Legal Knowledge.” It is now available for purchase at: http://www.connectmlx.com/connect-to-education/shift-change


Connect Medical Legal Experts
Since 2001Connect Medical Legal Experts has been a bridge between the Medical and Legal worlds, providing healthcare expertise to lawyers and medical legal education to healthcare.

Our mission is to openly share medical legal knowledge and expertise, with a goal of improving healthcare and legal outcomes.
Our vision is to positively impact healthcare by creating mutually beneficial relationships between healthcare and law. This vision drives us to serve tirelessly, with great passion and unscrupulous integrity.

A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is a licensed, registered nurse who performs a critical analysis of clinical and administrative nursing practice, healthcare facts and issues and their outcomes for the legal and healthcare professions. For more information on LNC or if you’re interested in getting involved with Connect Medical Legal Experts, visit https://www.connectmlx.com/contact-us

2018 CAMSN Conference

Registration for CAMSN’s 2018 Conference, Medical-Surgical Nursing: It’s Getting Complicated, is NOW OPEN.


June 7th & 8th, 2018 – 0730-1630
Ottawa Conference & Event Centre, Ottawa, ON

Full Conference:
$250+GST for Healthcare Professionals
$120+GST for Students (proof of student status required)
Single Day (Thursday or Friday):
*Registration costs include an exceptionally delicious breakfast & lunch*

Rooms have been reserved for registrants at the Hampton Inn (100 Coventry Road, Ottawa, ON). Rooms will be held until May 6th – to book yours, call 1-866-238-4218 and tell them you are with CAMSN. Rates are $135/night for single and $145/night for double.

From Sepsis, Heart Failure, and Wound Care, to Medical Marijuana and MAID. Join us for two days of invaluable learning.

Please share the conference poster with your nursing colleagues.

CNA Certification Discovery Week 2018

Have you ever thought about obtaining your CNA certification medical-surgical nursing? January 28th – February 3rd is CNA Certification Discovery week!
The CNA Certification program offers the only nationally recognized nursing specialty credential. Certified nurses are committed to an advanced standard of professional competence directly correlated with improved patient outcomes.

“Obtaining my medical-surgical certification through the Canadian Nurses’ Association has been one of the biggest milestones of my career. The credential of being a certified medical-surgical nurse has helped me to establish greater trust with my patients and colleagues. Doing CNA certification is a journey in which you end up feeling validated in your knowledge and more confident as a practitioner. My medical-surgical certification has benefited me in my roles as a staff nurse, educator, and researcher. I am proud to now be of the five medical-surgical certification nurse mentors in Canada and I hope to help others benefit from certification as well.”
– Laura Vogelsang, RN, PhD(C), CMSN(C), CCNE(C)

Suspicious E-mails

CASMN has been notified that some of our members have received suspicious e-mails from camsnexecutives@gmail.com. Unfortunately, camsnexecutives@gmail.com has been compromised. Please do not respond to the e-mails or click on any links provided. We are in the process of fixing this issue and creating a better strategy for delivering the quarterly newsletters to our valued members. Due to our concerns regarding the gmail account, the November newsletter will not be e-mailed to members. It will be posted to the website as well as CAMSN’s official Facebook page.

If you need to contact a CAMSN executive member, please visit https://medsurgnurse.ca/ for contact information.

CAMSN would like to reassure CAMSN members that this account was only used to send out the quarterly newsletters and contained no member information other than e-mail addresses.

Care to Be the Best: Medical-Surgical Nursing

“I chose to obtain CNA Certification to challenge myself. I found that making the commitment to write the exam was the hardest part. The actual studying for the exam was invigorating. When I renewed by continuous learning, I was surprised how quickly the hours accumulated. It was an incentive for me to attend grand rounds at the hospital and a conference every year, which were stimulating and proved to be great networking. I highly recommend challenging yourselves!”

Brenda Lane, RN, MN, CMSN(C)
President, Canadian Association of Medical and Surgical Nurses

Did you know
over 460 medical-surgical RNs across Canada now have their national CMSN(C) certification designation?

Alberta…………………………… 73
British Columbia………………… 36
Manitoba………………………… 38
New Brunswick…………………. 13
Newfoundland & Labrador…….. 30
Nova Scotia…………………….. 29
Northwest Territories……………. 6
Prince Edward Island…………… 21
Quebec………………………….. 43
Saskatchewan………………….. 31

What distinguishes CNA-certified nurses
• Advanced clinical expertise with a commitment to lifelong learning
• Recognized specialty knowledge, authenticated by national standards
• Dedication to evidence-based care and patient safety

What employers of certified nurses are saying about certification
• Confirms an RN’s enhanced competency and specialized knowledge
• Helps to recruit and retain the best nurses
• Fosters safe, high-quality care and raises the entire education culture


Window to renew by continuous learning for 2017 is still open – deadline is November 30th.

Note: Once CNA certified, your CMSN(C) credential is valid for a five-year term.

IBD Survey for Registered Nurses

Please find attached a survey link on healthcare transition for Canadian nurses who work with pediatric or young adult patients living with IBD.

Your support in distributing and/or promoting this national survey call is greatly appreciated as we work together to improve healthcare transition.

This nursing-led research project was funded by Crohn’s and Colitis Canada in association with CANIBD.

Survey Link: https://tinyurl.com/IBDnursesonHCT
Poster: IBD Nurses on HCT