CAMSN membership is currently live for 2019.

According to the 2010 RN Workforce Profile, Medical-Surgical Nurses make up the largest group of nurses across the country – over 44,000 strong!

Becoming a member would confirm that your information is placed on our membership list and you are kept up-to-date with CAMSN activities including being the first to know about our upcoming 2020 conference! Membership also includes access to our quarterly newsletter. Anyone who has a vested interest in medical and surgical nursing can become a CAMSN member (nurses, managers, educators, students, and other health care professionals, etc.).

To become a CAMSN member, please click the following link: 

Since CAMSN was created in 2006, membership has been free and the process of tracking membership, contacting members, distributing newsletters, etc., has been done manually by the executive members on a volunteer basis. As CAMSN membership numbers have significantly increased over the past ten years, the CAMSN Board of Directors, with the support of the CNA, have decided to move to an annual paid membership system, utilizing X-CD Technologies to assist us in managing our association and future national conferences.

While nationally med-surg numbers are quite notable, CAMSN has just over 1200 members. The CAMSN Executive team would like to provide more for our members and believe that X-CD Technologies will play a valuable role in assisting us to serve the national medical-surgical nursing community. We hope that the improvements made through these organizational changes to our association will not only help us recruit more members and grow as an association, but will also allow us to provide more for you, our valued members.