CNA Certification 2019

The certification process is completely paperless! The application and eligibility procedure is online-only and exams will be delivered at computer-based testing facilities across Canada.

The CNA offers two different exam periods each year, adding even more flexibility to the process.


Initial Certification

FALL 2019

Registration is now open!

  • June 27th– September 30th › Application window to write exam and renew by exam
  • November 1 – 15 › Certification exam window
  • Results available in: December

Certification Renewal

January 10 – November 1, 2019 › Application window to renew by continuous learning


For further information on certification, please email your questions to or call 1-800-361-8404.

Stay tuned to the CNA Certification Program’s Exam Preparation ( for resources that can help you prepare for the exam ranging from mentors and study groups to online practice questions and exams.