Standards and Bylaws

The National Practice Standards and Bylaws for the Canadian Association of Medical and Surgical Nurses were approved in 2008 and updated in 2018. The development of the National Practice Standards was critical to CAMSN’s recognition by the CNA as a specialty group. It was also the first step in certification exam development, paving the way for the first medical-surgical certification examination in 2010.

“Medical-surgical nurses are unique and indeed their work environments are the ideal place to gain grounding for other practice settings. The medical-surgical environment provides the largest opportunity for nurses to mentor, guide and share expertise with nurses, students and other health care providers but it is not the “only” part of these nurses’ practice. The reality is that more nurses practice in this area than in any other area of nursing. The majority of patients are more likely to receive care from a medical-surgical nurse than any other nurse. It is time medical-surgical nurses are recognized for their essential contribution to the effectiveness and sustainability of the health care system.” – CAMSN National Practice Standards

CAMSN National Standards 2018
CAMSN Bylaws 2018